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Unique celestial identity


I always thought that this is a very interesting (inaudible) because the question is what is a belief or attitude that you have that is strange and unique what it pertains on me, incredible (inaudible) the incredible evil that having incredible reason to share so, the very last words a unique in the sentence what is a belief or attitude that you have that is strange and unique is coming from my own you see I on my own unique thats all is your identity. Now, this (inaudible) mean to make you realize that ask your circles as you need as much a religion, astrology is not a religion something you believe it's a study, a study that brings an attitude, an attitude that allows you to feel unique and to understand uniqueness of all you human federal being that the best way I can describe UCI or unique (inaudible) of identity of the belief that your special. Now, there are in my crazy life expresses and (inaudible) extraterrestrial and that is again something that is so very (inaudible) unless you go through what I have been 4 times and says (inaudible) extraterrestrial you would never really understand me, meantime you have the DVDs on the YouTube I have the pictures where after being connected was extraterrestrial I had I painted my entire houses my ceilings my door my walls of some maulick and moulding science astrology people science (inaudible) my entire life start and changed that day so the belief I had is not a belief it's a (inaudible) that I had something to do was extraordinary and was extraterrestrial so this go to Google and type extraordinary intelligence Dr. Turi in fact you can type anything and add my name behind it UFO Dr. Turi extraordinary intelligence Dr. Turi then you got to see those picture that I have if you want to know more about the connection between astrology and the (inaudible) Dr. Turi then you will understand again that a lot of people have beliefs that the beliefs is often and founded because there is nothing but (inaudible) behind it and thats why the same in science and believe in us leading an industrial care as long Im concerned but is not okay because science is not understanding the phase of (inaudible) or and become agnostics okay and becomes sceptics so a taste you dont want that you know so it is time for science to understand people have beliefs and people are also a unique and they need to let the balance and understand the belief of attitudes and what makes them unique so that there's so many things that I have to tell you in relationships to the cosmic codes to god to Jesus ministry to the bestest (inaudible) to science and this is why Im a writing machine and by the way I never took a sale lesson of any lease in attitude of single lesson I have type and I type with still fingers (inaudible) to read and I write every single of that Im a writing machine my articles are all over the world so that tells you the big difference between education and integrity and what makes me unique is something you have in your tent the question is are you going to ask and find out what is your USI or what is your unique sexual identity that is the big questions the answer is I was (inaudible) but comes down to that.

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