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Steps to change your life


____Milena Ciren____ Well, the thing is that everything's starts with baby steps. Everything starts with these little steps. You know, nobody just wakes up and says "Today, I'm gonna live my life differently and everything is gonna change". We all start with one step at a time. So start with this gratitude exercise, maybe every morning when you wake up you can be grateful for something or before you go to bed, okay? And you can make a list of your uh... of what you're grateful for. The other this it is I always recommend this to my client is, creating one little change at that time. So what is one thing that you can do consistently every day and it wi- it will change your life. Whether that's your relationship or your health uh, your business, what is one little change? And start doing it consistently every day. After about twenty days to one month, it will become who you are and then you can start with another change. So this doesn't take a lot of time, right? These are little things that you can do but they really affect your life. If you are not committed to a change, you're gonna give up anyways, sooner or later. But if you are committed, you're gonna see the changes very soon, right? Sometimes people tell me after a week, they've done something. I would say that a permanent change, something really permanent starts showing around the 3rd month, when you start applying these changes. Something that you can then really say, "Wow I'm not the same person anymore". Because that's the key. When you see that you've changed so much, that you are not the same person anymore, that, let's say you erased some sort of negativity out of your life or you stopped your procrastination or you applied to completely different beliefs in your lives. And I would say the 3 months would kind of give yourself that time. But really be committed in those 3 months to apply all kinds of changes in your life

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