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Be grateful of the life you have


We all going to have days we're we feel a little bit down or feel a little bit blue so one of the ways I can suggest you get out of your (inaudible) is to smile, if youve proven that when we smile we release certain chemicals in to our brain that does tend to lift our spirits in our body so what I would suggest you do is if you're working in the morning and a bit of a funk I encourage you to put a smile on your face, smile at your lady who gives you the coffee, smile of the gas attendant who helps put gas into your car, you might be surprise the reaction you get when you smile so try it the second thing I suggest you do folks is watch your thoughts, your thoughts that often away it makes you feel so you can change your thoughts by using positive affirmations about how you feel in particular day when you get up and ready to go off to work if you said today is going to be a bad day and what looking forward to my day and your (inaudible) negative thought or mood is shifted to, today is going to be a great day the third thing I suggest you do is forgive yourself one of things that makes us feel bad about ourselves is a mistakes we make or the things we do to perhaps to others so forgive yourself your human you're going to make mistakes unfortunately perfectionism doesnt exist don't take things personally we all going to make those mistakes so say sorry if you did something wrong and be gentle on yourself because the next day the sun is going to rise a new day begins and you can try again another thing I can suggest you do folks is volunteer or the quickest way is to make you feel better about yourself is to take yourself out of your own environment and see what else is happening in your community go to the soup kitchen or a home shelter or whatever else that might be the children, working with the children in your community is when you give back some of your time the fact that you're giving makes you feel better because sometimes it shifts your perspective and makes you realize that your life isnt as bad as you think it might be it opens your eyes to perhaps other peoples struggles because when we set caught up and wrap up on our own little world is sometimes very difficult to see what might be going on around us and remember something you never know the full story about somebody else in their lives I think I suggest you do is at the end of the day write down what you are grateful for, there's always something to be grateful folks food on the table, a roof from your head whatever that is and I suggest you start putting your hand on your heart I know people sometimes have issues with their parents but when you say I'm grateful for this heart because without the heart I will not be alive and the person I need to be thank for that is the mother that gave birth to me and you can stop there and work your way forward from the day that you we're born to think that you might be grateful for your life and watch how your body reacts something else you could consider you do is you know find an animal, find a pet spend time with the animal shelter because it's been proven that spending time with an animal actually helps make you live a little bit longer I hope will this steps help you feel a little bit better about yourself.

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