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Good communication and accepting that you are different


Hi, This is Linda Guirey, the "Choice Champion". What are some of the secrets to healthy relationships that most people aren't aware of? Well, in my opinion, it really comes down to communication . And I know that many people have heard this before, that it's not just talking to your partner. Its understanding you communicate differently. Its accepting that you want different. People talk about tolerance and I don't like that word because it implies a sort of state which is so hierarchy that I tolerate you but for acceptance wants to know means just that. That you'll accept someone and they will have little mannerism, or things that they do that drive you crazy, that you fell in love with them for a reason. So, let's look at communication. How we communicate is a choice and people communicate differently. You have some people who are, what I could is get on and get it done. They can be blunt, they can be critical but they like to do that in some in depth conversation. Now, maybe your partner is like that. Or maybe they are more of a planner. They like detail but they like to be organized and want time to process. They want you to be openless as well or maybe they're more caring. They are people persons. They like to have in depth conversations about how they feel. Are they supported? Are they valued? Are they acknowledged? Or lastly, Is your partner a dreamer.? Someone who's creative? Ideas person? Likes to have lots of fun? Can be easily distracted? Do any of those ring a bell with you about the style you might be and then what your partner? Because we are all different. We are a combination of those. This is usually what they tell you that you are stronger than the others. So, if you are person who likes to talk about a lot of feelings and emotions and you are going to a partner who doesn't, there's a little bit of a problem there but it's accepting that you're different. It's letting your partner know what it is you need and vice-versa. You don't find someone, fall madly in-love and it's all roses and beautiful rainbows and life's just blessed. You have to work at a relationship. Is it worth fighting for? Is it worth working at? Be open-minded. Love the person unconditionally but all the way along, talk about your relationship then weigh things when you respect someone. You love this person, and deep down you still do. Some people say they grow apart but its a choice. Because you have a choice to get your relationship back on track by talking, by spending quality time together, by just loving being with the other person. Is it a secret to a healthy relationship? It's the basis of a healthy relationship. Good communication and accepting that you are different. Work from that platform. Value that person in your life. Add value to their life and create something fabulous together. Always have goals visions of what you want to do as a couple and your future together is your choice. Have a good day!

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