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Expert talks about how change should not be considered as crisis


__________Laurel__________ We are evolutionary beings, every so many years we are completely new person, we are shedding skin cells, hair cells, cells-cells are dying, new cells are being born so-so we are always in a constant state of evolution so I think that um were supposed to question were to supposed to have maybe don't call them crisis I don't think they're crisis but were supposed to stop this is the part of meditation is being present saying hey you know what I don't like this anymore I'm gonna go try that because that right now, better supports than what I did over here that was okay in my 20's like if you because you're in your 20's right? __________Madison__________ Uhum yeah. __________Laurel__________ I'm not in my 20's I'm double my 20's __________Madison__________ (giggles) __________Laurel__________ Um, and so what resonated with me in my 20's is very different what resonated with me in my 30's, it's very different that what resonated with me in my 40's and now as I'm wrapping up to the half a century mark this year, I feel very different, even in 10 years ago 5 years ago I was a completely different person so what were supposed to do is embrace that things are presented to us and it shifts us we look at it we look at it and go isn't that interesting hm, pluck that into our brain, you've now shifted it everything we experience changes us everything from a new person that we meet, from driving at our drive way and it for the 999th time, to you know the person that cuts us off in the in the um the high way or freeway, all these things change us all over- everyday our experience is shift and changes us and so were-were supposed to not so much have crisis but I'd like to see is it doesn't get to crisis but were supposed to change and shift. So you know like every is so-so it doesn't, I don't want it to be a crisis I think you know um crisis means that it's a its forced upon us evolution is just natural so I like it sort of like an evolutionary change in us.

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