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Setting goals for yourself to feel better


For me youre most excellent and fastest way to feel better about myself is to pray and meditate and that works for everyone but some other things that are really helpful would be through established that standard of excellence for self and measure your thoughts, your feelings, your attitudes and your behaviors in life against that standard letting no one decide for you what you should be doing in life in that way you are working towards self actualization which makes you feel better about yourself. Self-esteem is built line knowing yourself and being true to yourself. I created a little (inaudible) called a seven steps goal letter and I'm convinced that setting goals is one way to feel better about yourself if you feel stagnated or if you can feels or if youre type of person thats just always keeping this and but never seem to make much progress in any area this is very helpful. The seven step goal letter is several, it's you can draw in a piece of paper like a letter with seven steps and at the bottom you label the first step where I am and at the top you label the seven step where I would like to be and then at the bottom step you simply identify your current situation and then step by step you identify what are some things that you can do in order to progressively move toward the fulfillment of that top step which is the goal, what you would like to be experiencing instead of what you're experiencing now.

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