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Conscious and subconscious mind


The mind is something that fascinates me since over ten years and Ive studied several books and, and practice everything Im learning on to within that subject our mind is divided into the conscious mind and thats the mind we are now talking to each other and you are listening to me and the subconscious mind which lies much deeper if youre want to see it physical and but the subconscious mind is basically running the show if you want to compare that for example from the conscious to the subconscious mind its like one to one billion whatever you have learned when you grow up how life functions, how life works that all filters (inaudible) in to your subconscious mind and there it creates I called it a self-image or the truth which is the truth for you and the tricky thing is that the subconscious mind then will create opportunities and circumstances that would prove to you that would you pick up to be the truth is right meaning if you picked up for some reason Im never been good in math then it will create opportunities and solutions or circumstances that will prove to you they are right however nobody is best or good in anything everybody has equal opportunities the link from the mind to the body is also really strong if youre hold a belief I your subconscious mind for example you think that you cant heal for some reason you have a problem in your body and on a subconscious level again its not your conscious thinking its a belief your hold really deep in your subconscious you cant heal your body has no ability to heal because the mind is stronger than the body so when we are experiencing energy blocks I called them and you can, we name them was forms of sickness, illness, cancer at the end of the day they are only energy blocks most of them are based in your, what you hold to be true in your subconscious mind so we need to change those belief system in order for you to change your reality and reality is what you experience right now in your physical body if you experience illness or physical problems they are I believe 99 per cent routed and something you picked up on in a, based on your beliefs your holding in your in your subconscious mind so changing the subconscious beliefs is the key to healing any energy blocks one might have and they can be physical, they can be emotional, they can financial, they can be mental at the end of the day its only energy blocks and your body just does what you hold on belief to be true and most of us are not consciously aware what that actually is.

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