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Getting control of your body using meditation


Hello , Im Alexandria Barker and my mission in life is to help you carry the life you have and the life you really want. For me, that begins with meditation. And Ive been asked so many times, how does a busy person begin to meditate? Will you be amazed and delighted how simple that really is ? You know, you can sit for an hour and {inaudible} somewhere. All you need is a quiet spot where you can sit and breath undisturbed . And if you just stick in this process, I would recommend no more than 5 minutes and if thats too long, you can begin for 2 minutes and down from there . So for this practice, just sit and get ready to get comfortable ,relax your body as much as you can and then just focus on your breath. Breathing in for a count of three, following that breath all the way down to the lungs and then exhale for count of five and by deep breathing in this manner, you are going to release either the toxins , old stil air or used up energy thats been sitting at the base of your lungs for who knows how long. By releasing that, youre going to create more space and breath in for another deep breath in down and nourish every cell in your body. I was taught to meditate by a Buddhist monk who said that an unchanged mind is like a little puppy running around {inaudible} to everything where a changed mind is like a well trained {inaudible} lying at your side awaiting your command . And through practice, you can turn that untrained puppy into this very well-trained dog. All it takes is practice. So, would say, stick with the 5 minutes for a week and gradually build on it, maybe a minute per week. Just slowly building on it and be aware that your mind in the beginning is gonna throw all these reasons why you dont have time to meditate. What are the things you should be doing which is so much more important? So, I would recommend this, be prepared for that and let it go and just bear in mind that every attempt you make to meditation is success and can it can get you closer and closer into that place of having a well-trained mind and having power over your thoughts because to really make the most out of your life, you have to be able to think about the things that you choose to think about and that starts with training your brain and that starts with meditation. So, I encourage you to try to practice today using a timer that helps and just be prepared to spend some time doing this and just acknowledge to yourself that youre doing a wonderful thing for yourself and you can get better over time. Next question is addressing how to be truly happy. What makes people really happy? Well, the truth is , its not the new home, {inaudible} the smaller size jeans , the mountain of money that youve been maybe visualizing or wishing for. Those are the things that make truly happy because {inaudible} had been conducted that showed that even lottery winners are only happier for about a month and then their happiness level reverts back to their sad point. So, the way to fix this sad point is to nurture feelings of happiness and gratitude just because you dont need everything to be happy. You are here on this beautiful planet thats reason enough. So, the practice you really cultivate those feelings of happiness is just to think about how much you already have. I would really recommend starting today cultivating this attitude of gratitude by creating a gratitude list which is really counting your blessings and writing them down. So, for this practice, I would write down anything that you would not want to be without . So the fact that you have a roof over your head, food in your belly, the fact that you can sit and write. These things are huge . We just ask anyone who doesnt have these things. So, Ill start there and you can build on that. Being grateful for the sunshine outside your window or the birds singing or the fact that the sun rises and sets everyday and its not up to you to make sure that happens. Anything that you feel good about goes on that list and when youre finished compiling your list for today, review each item and really generate this feelings of love and gratitude and appreciation for each thing on your list and youre gonna feel wonderful. And this is gonna set the tone for the rest of your day. Youre gonna find that by radiating attitude of gratitude and appreciation. Youre going to be matching up with other things by simple vibration and attracting those things to you.

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