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Figure out what you need help on before going to a counselor


The right time to seek the support of a counselor coach, psychologist or any type of healer is when you have decided that thats the help you need. Generally, once youve told about support or something like that, that is actually when you need them. But its not something that youre rushing in to straight away. You need to sit down and take a better time and work out what exactly do I want because theres a lot of coaches out there that will take your money and give you very little in return for it and some are doing that by just {inaudible} do it not intentionally but probably your own fault that you have not sorted out what you need to do, what it is that you want sort of. So, what I would tell is that before you go for any service such a counselor, coach or psychologist, work out what are the issues that you have and what are the problems that youre having and sit down and, this wont happen in 30 minutes or an hour or 4 hours. You and wanna sit down for a week, maybe take an hour to a day. Just sit down {inaudible} What are my problems and what are {inaudible} ? What do I really need help best? For instance, if youre {inaudible} you want to find a new job. Youre not happy in your job. Theres no point in rushing in to a counselor and say, Im not happy in my new job. Because most counselors are there to help you find out what you really want. We cant give you the answers to what its gonna make you happy in life. What we can do is we can help you find the answers and find what its gonna make you happy in life through the information that you give us. So, you really need to sit down and take a little of time to work out how youre going to approach a career change, ok. You need to figure out why Im not happy in the job that Im doing at the moment ? So, what do really want to do? And this may take some soul search and you may take some research. So, what do I need to do and what job would I love to do? what profession will I need to do thats gonna make me happy today? And then make a research what its gonna take to get that. Will it take some further education? Will it take a Degree, Masters or Phd? Will it take financial elements? How much is that gonna cost? I wanna tell you when you sat down and you thought about this and you have a good idea, not a hundred percent idea but you have somewhere between 60 to 80 percent idea of what you want to do. I would then say, youre ready to approach a counselor or a coach to get their input into it. Because youve done a lot of hard work now and youve really thought about where you want to go, where your end goals is . Now the counselor can help you find ways to get to that goal and we have all source thats gonna say or tell us to that. So, take your time, work out what are these that you actually need to do, whats your time length for it And most of all, work out is, what am I happy with my present job or the present situation that Im not happy with. Figure out what it is that really makes it terrible and there is no reason to leave the job if money is the reason that youre not happy in the job because money never solves the problem with work and career and youll find that a year, two or three years down the road, youll still be in the same position that your company{inaudible} your new job because of money again. What you really need to do is find a job that youre really passionate about. And I say to my clients is I would say, always look for a job that can match hobby that you have an interest with. Because with a hobby, you have a passion to succeed in that hobby. Even though youve never meant money for it or you may never {inaudible} recognition for it. You will put effort into that hobby that youve probably have never put into a project or put into a job or maybe even into a relationship but that is your passion and that is your hobby and most great ideas and most great businesses come from hobbies. So, find out what your hobby is, find out what you like doing best , it might be walking with children in a play group, it might be a paint on decorator. I myself have come back and changed careers three times. I was a Electrical Engineer. I was in Management and then I find coaching and consulting and also into media design. So, take the time to work out what you want before you go to a counselor or just keep in mind that when you start thinking about a counselor, its generally around the time that you need to speak to somebody.

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