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Your thoughts started to put tricks on you


Hi have you ever said if I have a million dollars my life would be so much better (inaudible) your thoughts started to put tricks on you, you thought well, I get something about it but then I want to buy a new house and think to have a new car and (inaudible) jealous and for long a million dollars (inaudible) much but since a prosperity is a feeling inside yourself that says if I have a dollar I have all that I need I'm rich, I'm prosperous because I have a dollar, a dollar is a hundred pennies and a thousand dollars is a hundreds and hundreds of pennies but it all starts from a cent, a single cent which doesnt seem like very much (inaudible) but when you're a prosperous person (inaudible) I'm a prosperous I have a prosperous feeling you create more prosperity the world is an abundant place you may not realize all (inaudible) have in your life okay, think about every year (inaudible) all the clothes you've worn think about every penny, every dollar that has been given to you throughout your life time (inaudible) but if you have a room and put all the money that you have ever earned inside that room what would it look like, how big would that room be, you are prosperous who have come with prosperity that are people who have nothing (inaudible) because they are prosperous inside there is so much prosperity in the world that is abundance everything (inaudible) you can also have abundant you must have even (inaudible) of that process, one of the best way to make a thought process, a belief is to breathe in you, breathe in I am prosperous (inaudible) day and you begin to feel prosperous, you begin to breathe in, you attract just because you believe it if you have anything in your past any phrases that talk about that are against prosperity there are other people (inaudible) that when you learn at the child most likely but it seems to adult conversations you can change these thoughts for instant (inaudible) or we never have enough money to pay all bills turn out about (inaudible) my bills are always paid, my bills are always paid on time, I always have all the money or better to pay my bills on time but you start to feel like you have all these money that you know that it really is there that the universe(inaudible) and brings it back to you that how the law of attraction works you build your password but (inaudible) to attract (inaudible) instead of thinking about where prosperity comes from just accept that it is all about the world abundance is everywhere and it can come to you as easy after anyone else you're prosperous, you're prosperous in your heart, you're prosperous in your breathing now that you are abundant and enjoy the prosperity that you just own as you (inaudible).

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