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Inspire yourself first to be happy


______Ellen______ People don't realize it because they hold where their little masks to business but people don't want problems, people want upbeat and people want to be inspired. Everybody's looking for inspiration and how can you inspire if you don't have a positive outlook so when I say building happiness is the building blocks of success. It really starts with you. You have to inspire yourself especially if you're an entrepreneur and you have to inspire yourself, everyday you have to get up and feel about what you're doing. You have to maintain your enthusiasm, that's emotional intelligence and you have to maintain your energy level, maintain your mental engagement, it's hardwork to do that all by yourself. If you don't have somebody smiling next to you, you're your own motivator, well yeah happiness is the building blocks of success, I sounds simple but there are ways, there are so many tools and it's learnable it's just like you learn how to use the computer. Well not now, if you're born with the computer. Just jow you learn to cook, you learn how to walk, you learn how to do everything if you practice you can very good at it. I actually in a couple of seconds, I'm not joking, can shift away from something negative. And me, if you're talking about me ten years ago, if a moth on the other side of the world flew too close to a flame and burned its wings, I felt badly. Nothing happened in this world, I used to feel badly about everything. I don't want anybody to be hurt. I don't want anybody to say anything badly. I don't want every time something happened in the world where somebody was hurt and died. Now I still have that heart, but I can shift the negative thought out of my mind like this. Practice and in the beginning it took a while. I had to practice, all day long you're head will always get negative things. It took me like 15 minutes. Sometimes I get the whole day in trying but you get better at it. So anybody who hears this and who's thinking oh I wish and I wish, you practice, there's a way, there's a methodology. And in another interview I could share it with you. But really everybody deserved to do this for themselves especially entrepreneurs. They deserve to have the best company and there are their own best company. So really it puts a smile on my face thinking of this. It's just so ridiculously once you get the hang of it, you'd be surprised how happy you could be in this life and while you're working and doing everything, it's amazing, it's like being unencumbered and free and happy and positive and doing all the same things you always did but it just feels so great. I'm surprised more people don't jump in the bandwagon saying show me how to do that, I want to be like that.

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