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3 things or tips on maintaining a healthy relationship


Some or one of the secrets of a healthy relationship? I think there are many. I think the biggest secret, well I don't know of this is a secret again, but the biggest facts or fact is that every should be cognizant about is being able to read people's body language. Because by being able to read body language you are often given a clue as to what the other person is thinking and or feeling even though that persons words may be completely different . Because in our culture, people don't like to exteriorize being in discomfort too much for fear of being viewed as weak or a complainer or a whiner which is why people may not tell you in your face or be candid with you about exactly how they are feeling but they are still it . And the body language, the way they say, the way they hold their hands, their posture, all of these sometimes tell tale signs as to exactly what that person is feeling. So it really helps to understand how to read those signs and then react accordingly. It also helps to sort of step away from yourself. I am not suggesting an out of body experience or astral projection or anything like that. It is something very simple. Its about trying to step into somebody else's shoes viewing your actions from somebody else's eyes. So, hows that possible, the way you are acting? Just, I think close your eyes for a moment , introspect and just play back maybe the last 5 minutes of what just happened. Playback in your mind in slow motion and then you'll see as to exactly what transpired and look at it at somebody else's point of view. Just look at it even from your own point of view and then ask yourself, How would I feel if somebody did that to me or how would that other person would have felt if that happened to him?. But keeping doing this until you realize, until you have that revelation, until you have that breakthrough about exactly what's going on and what are the things maybe you are doing either consciously or unconsciously that maybe impacting those around you and be really really careful about avoiding or refraining from the things that you maybe doing. Again, maybe not intentionally but these things are of some discomfort to the people around you and maybe impacting the way they think of you and also their desire on maintaining or not maintaining a relationship with you. So, I think, it's very important to know about these two things : body language as well as looking at your actions from another's point of view and then fixing your behavior accordingly. And even your words, be very careful with the kind of words that you use with people. There's a saying, "Leave somebody better than you found them." Which means, whatever you say, don't be harsh, don't be unkind. Be as kind as supportive as possible. Get your message across, say it nicely, be tactful but say it in an encouraging way because when you do that, that's the easiest way to win somebody over. And of course, I am not suggesting that you should do this without a meaning it or being a hypocrite but honestly you have the desire to help someone because when you do that, people will genuinely be attracted to you and you'll have that magnetic personality. So, I would say those are the 3 Things or Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Relationship . All the best!

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