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Understand that no matter what life throws at you, you can handle it


Anxiety that's something that fairly common in many, many people and generally if you're feeling anxious it usually comes in one place, you don't trust that you can't handle that anything that's going to come up so often what you need to be doing is minimizing things you will limit your life so that you don't have hit anything that you aren't prepared for, you try to predict things before they happen and probably the best piece of advice that I can give you if your suffering from anxiety is to start to make a list of everything that was difficult that you handled, it could be that you've a fight with your best friend and you overcame that, it could be that you went through a divorce and it's hard as it was, you overcame it, it could be something that you've studied for a test or an exam and that you did it, it could be that you're tossing to go for counselling for many people that's really hard to admit to say I actually need some help and once you can start, I will give you some example for myself, one of my most difficult things that I've ever done is to climb a (inaudible) that was the hardest thing I've ever done, after the first day I couldn't even drink anything so I had three and a half days of no food and no water because the altitude made me sick when I completed that night I was just hoping for a bird, a helicopter something that could get me off that mountain but I completed it myself and once I finished that I, what I got was like wow if I can do that I can do anything so I want you to start to make a list of what are some things that you overcome, what are some things that were difficult for you, don't measure it up against anybody else in where they think it may be difficult or whether you should minimized or dismiss what you did if you feel that you've done that is something difficult and you've overcome it put it down on that list we got list every day and start to understand that no matter what life throws at you as much as you might doubt or you might not trust yourself you have a whole lot of evidence to prove to yourself that you can handle what life has to throw at you so go ahead start to create what I called the escrow full of all lot of evidence that shows you that you can handle life and what it's throws at you.

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