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What creates a healthy relationship that most people are sadly unaware of?


Ok, I am going to keep this one short. What creates a healthy relationship that most people are sadly unaware of? Two things, I'll say but Ill process both of them with the important region that when one never knows what's going on with the relationship because it's part of a dynamic network of interrelationships that have created that relationship in the 1st place and those dynamic interchanges of information and energy are different and unique in every circumstance. So, every relationship will have things that are going on on the inside that simply cant be experienced or even imagined from the outside. Then the two things that I would say are: And the first is from the School of Polyamory or Community Of Polyamory. That is , that in a relationship there needs to be consent. So every relationship that one has needs to be acknowledged in the other relationship that one has so that the consent will have arrangement. In other words, if you have a relationship which is non-consensure, in other words, you are keeping it secret from other people you have relationship with. That doesnt work. Thats always not going to and that creates intention in creating problems on both sides. Now, that much to say that if you have fooled enough with your parents because you have fallen in love with somebody who they dont like. Perhaps for a while, you need to consider putting one of those relationships on hold because otherwise the tension is going to become unbearable. And that is an extremely painful thing for me to say but it is something that Ive had some experience of. The second thing, I would say is that relationships are really relationship with oneself so we project all the energy unto other people. You project a lot of emotions. So you say, sounds like isnt cleaning up or isnt earning enough money or is drinking too much or is using the car too much. You know, whatever else it is, its worth reflecting on what that says about your relationship with yourself. So, you are really worried about the other persons hygiene habits or is it more that you are concerned about your own hygiene habits. In my life it is always benefited to go back or look at my habits when I begin to criticize somebody else and I always find that if I change parts of my own behavior take responsibility for my own behavior then those bits of the relationships improve. Well, I hope that helps. Thank you.

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