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Seeing a healer can change how you act and how you think


.Hi everybody, this is Julie Richer from Richard Transformation's Life Coach Trainer and Speaker. What I'd like to talk to you today about is the different of people or the different avenues you can seek in order to self improve or self develop. There are different people that you can seek. You can either see a psychologist, a counselor, a therapist, a life coach, and also a healer. We all play different role. And I have to say that I do have an expertise in life coaching because that's what I do. But I would say that if you are stuck in the past. Stuck with issues that you just haven't resolved. And you need to hatched it out. You need to go through it and talk it out with someone. But I highly recommend a therapist or a psychologist or a counselor. They're fair to really help you to deal with that stuffs that is haunting you from the past. However if you are an individual who is wanting to take a life of a notch, who's wanting to create changes in your life. Yeah, we all have past baggage but you know you're willing to just quick that aside and be able to move forward then connecting with a life coach can be the right thing for you. And if you go from wanting to change your career, create your business, deal with a non-stay relationship or just having an inner desire to learn more about yourself. So connecting with a life coach will help you relayed talking to your own wisdom. Because the purpose of a life coach is to ask some really powerful questions and allow you to come out with the answers that are right for you. And then we support you to actually create that life you want to create. I think the bonus part of being a life coach is that we sit back and basically listen and also point out to you if you're nearly tying yourself some lies or if you're actually putting yourself down. We are there to show how magnificent you are and support you to create that life you want to live. Another way that we really help people as well is, I've noticed that personally, I have some people, some clients that come to me, they realized that they've been living life for everybody else. They've been helping, giving, and doing for everybody else. And now they're waking up and realizing Holy geez! What about me? So, connecting with a life coach, if you're in that situation, be the most biggest gift you can give yourself because it can be scary. Number one kid be like calling microholic what the heck that I just do? How many years that I waste out of my life? And then okay, well, I want to do something for myself but what is it? And that's it, right? You don't know what it is because you don't know who you are. You don't know what you love and you don't know what you want to do. So connecting with a life coach just wakes you up to that stuff and then you know when you create some changes in life they could be all scary. So having a coach supporting and encouraging you and giving you some tips and tools and techniques how to move forward and how to create a life you want to live. So powerful. The last part I want to touch on is seeing a healer. There are so many different healing modalities out there. But I myself personally have seek quiet different healers as I live my life. And I find that seeing a healer helps you to deal with the past baggage and [flirt] to be removed energetically. So some people need to talk it out and you know deal with it intellectually and some people are like You know, I don't want to talk it out anymore. I just want it to leave me. Seeing a healer can really help you deal with this past energy that is somewhat controlling your thinking patterns. Controlling how you act in life. And so seeing healer can help you remove these blockages and these false beliefs that you hang on to energetically. And then the shift happens. You would suddenly think differently. You act differently. So that's my spiel on who and who you could see to seek some improvement and changes in your life and extra hope that a life coach, a therapist, a counselor, a healer can help you create a life you want to live because you deserve it.

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