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The mind and body connection is strong but one cannot exist without the other


My ideas on the mind and body connection is the link between mind and body is very strong. In my experience {inaudible} when Ive seen people who were not in the mind set lived until they in fact {inaudible} their bodies and die. And likewise, Ive seen people fighting to hang on despite all odds and being able to bring their bodies back from {inaudible} near death. Thats not to say that youre at fault. If youre sick because your mind cant cure you, the mind-body connection is strong but one cannot exist without the other. Its like the argument of nature vs nurture. People wonder , well is the child a product by parent or the environment in which where she lives or is this just genetics that counts somebody to be {inaudible}? Well, one is not existing in a {inaudible}. They cant raise a child {inaudible} environment. The child is going to have an environment no matter what. Likewise, the mind is going to have a body no matter what and the body is going to have a mind no matter what. So, its important not to beat yourself up if you cant think youre {inaudible}free of a disease. On the other hand, you can strengthen all of your goals, like setting your mind towards them and by making sure that your actions speak louder than your words and your thoughts..

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