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Bringing freshness to your everyday life by not being afraid be a kid


_______Andrew_______: The model that I use is that, you wanna break it down into a point, where people don't have to go through a, a huge list of things to do to get it right. Or to break it down to something where initially this conversation, you may have forgotten what we talked about 20 minutes ago, but this little steps you go, well, how might I gonna add this to my day, to allow me to have a more freshness and that might a, example, give you, that creative moment, when you say I'm sucked. Well, I'm going out for a coffee, or I'm gonna go for a cha. I'm gonna try this new tea shop. Have a tea. You know, whatever the case may be and that, particular new shift that you take, creates an opportunity, or may not just a cha, it makes the difference. Maybe the person is making the cha, it makes difference. Or the person that you cross has it. Coz when you stepped out of your home, and you would have seen that opportunity, but by being out there, you were inspired, and you, you came back with a whole new freshness and saying, well, this all came about, because this cha that I went to get, probably was this whole new perspective that I wasn't even planning on. _______Madison_______: You know, I, I, it must be so much fun to go on a walk with you because I'm sure that like every time we go movie, go on a walk, it'll be like something new, then you would bring me intention to. Hahaha. _______Andrew_______: Well, the thing is, to bring them... _______Madison_______: It's really cool. _______Andrew_______: The essence of this is to bring the big kid in you out, okay? That's, that's not are people are scared to bring that out, that's the essence of it.

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