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Coaching managers on the importance of follow through


_________Nadish Ladha_________ So we bring managers uh from all industries once a month and we engage them in two topics. You know we have a professional facilitator that engages them to exercises and role plays and they have action plans and they're very practical applications that they actually will have results in thirty days and they come back the next month and they learn two more skills. So the training is one year so it's ongoing it doesn't become a one-time event. It's easy to attend. It's not a full day. It's only half a day and it's ongoing for a full year but I think the key card is holding people accountable and um to what they're going to be doing and because we are creatures of habit. We tend to go back into our old ways. Uh we follow up and say we review their action plan. So what worked, what didn't work and if didn't, why it did not work. What can we do to make some success stories for you. So we coach um... and follow up with them at the end of each month just to make sure that they are creating success stories and they are implementing their action plans because otherwise if there is no accountability of nobody's following up, it will just at the binders just collect dust.

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