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Bulding harmonious relationships by communication and asking questions


_________Nadish Ladha_________ You know our minds are so unique. People are so unique. That's a puzzle and you constantly trying to put this puzzle together and say okay how do I work with this person. How do I communicate with this person. How do I create change that uh and build trust with this person and changes you know it's definitely uh one factor that umm you know if it's not done in an effective way could really backfire and then you've got a team of people that are very upset with and uh even though you meant to do something very good for them right uh... so it's just really including people in the communication and say I was thinking about doing something like this what do you think. You know and asking the right questions and I think the more questions we asked, the answers you get will be very useful and that's part of coaching. You ask a lot of questions. They already know the answers. We are just helping them find it right? It's a treasure hunt and it really is.

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