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Tips on how to maintain the habit of meditation regularly


Meditation is a wonderful tool to incorporate daily into your life and I would encourage you to do so. And a couple of strategies that I found that have been very helpful for me is to make it a habit and to choose to see that meditation is the time that Im taking out for myself to recharge and to nourish myself. So, I would encourage you to try morning meditation. Its a really wonderful way to start your day and put the tone for it and turn to meditating during the day , just taking a minute or two, at your desk , or in the midst of a stressful moment and just take those few deep breathes. And you can {inaudible} with how it just kind of recharges you and changes your vibration and sets a more positive tone for the rest of your day. Also, evening meditation is a really wonderful way to unwind from the stress of the day. And additionally , I like to add a gratitude meditation to my practice and I like to review everything, my day that Im grateful for . And its such a lovely way to unwind from the day and to shoot and elevate your vibration before you go to sleep so that you have a restful and peaceful sleep and wake up in the morning grateful and its a really great way to do so. So, those are some of my tools and strategies that I recommend and I hope you find it helpful .

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