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Breathe out all the negativity in your body


You may use working with clients its being just more and more parent the strength and the connection between the mind and the bodies and its effect on us and how we process different things in our body, in our mind and how we perceive and interact with the outside world the more I see how people actually hold and where they hold their tension, their stress, their pain in their body its the deeper connection in our emotions our physical body and our mind and it all interacts and interrelate continuously you all know how a thought can trigger emotion somebody says something to you, you first of all hear it and then you perceive it in your mind and then it creates an emotional reaction that dwells up either its a positive or a negative one but same thing as continuous in that point from that point on the emotion from our body we sense it, we feel it, we feel like a tightness and not or, or sense of like the heat rising up and it is something when you too really understand how deep that is relating to everything that we do and we are the more I see people having more physical problems in their body for example heart problems always revolve people who hold their issues and all their stress and tension, pain whatever it is grief, loss holds in their chest, people who have a hard time or hold their tension in their neck have a lot of promise with their neck and shoulders all their tension is held there so it really is important to know that our body, our mind the way we perceive, the way we think of things if we dont let go of those intrusive thoughts or, or those emotions they will stay trapped in the body and this is all the basis and the premises for energy psychology its all in your energy systems and all the different levels of our beings on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels we are holded, we all have a pattern in the way that we process the external world. So, its important to know that, that connection is very, very powerful and it, and then the important thing to do is to really get more in touch and really feel that sense where am I at right now and start growing in that awareness of my body, the sense of how my body feels right now and really perceiving how, what am I thinking of its very easy to start growing this awareness and understanding as you start really get a way for just feeling you, your body only in the extreme of thoughts and emotion because we only feel it when we are like a very angry, we were very upset and when were extremely happy and accelerated so we only feel those top picks and instead of really focusing on paying attention to those emotions we think constantly and a lot of what we do is when we feel those little things we try to, to have a specially if those are negative emotions we try to have distractions and those distractions come in over working, over eating just doing other things to, to distract yourself from it all forms of addiction and, and things of, of a sort and also just not trying to not feel, trying to numb yourself out and simply just ignore and be, be more hold in our minds and ignoring the feeling in our bodies and ignoring the emotions that we are, we are interacting with so all these continuous interactions in our mind, body, heart, mind and soul is something that we need to pay more close attention to and I would like to really focus right now and really give you an example of, of what you can do to bring a better awareness to that level and that mind, body connections so if you want to just close your eyes for a second really allows us take a deep breath, close your eyes, exhale, relax and release and really feel right now, do you feel any tension any not, any sense of discomfort anywhere in your body whether its in your head, your neck, your heart, your soul flex, your stomach anywhere in your body if you feel any source of tightness pay attention to and simply with your eyes close ask, why is it there? Take a deep breath and breathe it out more to come.

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