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Life is so rich


This something that I feel strongly about is that life is super rich, life is rich of it full of experiences you know, when I hear people say they're bored I struggle with it and I said it myself and felt it myself I've come to believe that it is other emotions that are draining the energy from us of an anger or tiredness but for me what I believe really strongly is it life is rich if we give yourself a chance to experience it it's full of rich experiences and it's deep and this can include friendship you know which your friendships are the experience of sport for me has been extremely powerful and so life is rich and in fact it wasnt enough time to watch the sport that I want to watch sports that I want to learn or enjoy I still have the time the energy I guess these days but it's such a rich vain for me of enjoyment for many, many years I played soft (inaudible) mostly a soccer football for many years and I enjoy watching a variety of sports, countries to visit, cultures to experience and you know I've travelled but I haven't really travelled and some people have yet and every experience whether it's travelling to another city as I get old I think you appreciate a little more just to find a things of each, each place you visit and each people you know whether it's an hour down the road or a thousands of miles in another country, life is rich and knowledge, knowledge is rich the knowledge that we learn through sharing with others these stories are so powerful listen to peoples stories you know one of my great joys is a counsellor and as a supervisor and as a coach management coach (inaudible) to share peoples stories because they're rich with the positive or negative or mixed a mixture of everything whether they full of luck or perceive bad luck you know the values that they have and the beliefs that they carry the things that have wounded them the things that inspire them the things they're aspire to I mean this is you know this is magic stuff this is wonderful and this is a richness of life I dont know if it's strange of different that life is just so rich and so I love it you know things to laugh at comedy things to find funny people to laugh with this are wonderful rich experiences (inaudible) I mean read somewhere where someone describe having a shower such an intimate experience and all that talking that was you know being naked and share with water that we do almost every day hopefully anyway if were able to every day twice a day and you know so life is full if were we have rich experiences sometimes your flavors that take me back to my childhood I mean in my grandmothers house in North land a small town called Kohu-Kohu which used to be a thriving you know with 80 ships with masks before the turn of the century of the 1960 it is but she had this black whole grapes going around her house and it was it would have been 40 years before I taste it the sweetness of this whole black grapes again as I did were going visit my grandmother for the (inaudible) for year and that taste was instant when I tasted it again so the memory of taste and certain foods that bring back those memories you know life is rich and is full of richness it's all over us I mentioned textures a certain textures you know we know it very deeply with music but life is rich so I know (inaudible)and I didnt come to this overnight obviously but thats just my thought but you know there's really is so much to experience so much to enjoy so much to wonder and to be an (inaudible) the two and rich for me is just so deep and colourful I love it, you know passion is another one so I love life, life is just so rich enjoy, enjoy.

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