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Everything is connected and nothing exists in isolation


I think recent Science is only now just beginning to discover, not necessarily understand, but to discover some of the ancient truths or wisdoms held by ancient indigenous peoples throughout of time. For instance, Science is now discovering that everything has energy. Everything is connected. Nothing exists in isolation. That we live in a sea of energy. And everything that we do are fixed something else, someone else, someplace else. So the old ways, it's my understanding, that we are able to create or recreate the past. But what we do want is the wealth of information that the ancient people had and while of knowing how to live in harmony with nature, in harmony with the [inaudible], understanding that everything has a spirit, everything has a consciousness, everything has an intelligence. From the plant to the rock to a place. Everything has consciousness. Everything has life force and everything has energy. So when we really look at life and to live life from this place, then life becomes very very very different. A whole different way of relating, a way of living in a relationship. A story that I'd like to share with you are from one of the elders that I've lived with here in New Zealand and very very wise Tohuna or what's called a Wisdom Keeper, Ancient Wisdom Keeper, and while walking on the road and we passed a tree. And that tree had recently been severely pruned. We were on the foot path and the tree sit off slightly over, overhand the foot path and the tree had been pruned. And she stopped and she spoke [inaudible] just said in the language of New Zealand. And she said, "I'm sorry that someone did that to you. I hope you'd feel better soon."

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