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Secrets for healthy relationship


____ Julie Richer____ You know I haven't quote, and I am not going to quote him exactly, but now it is a picky back on John D. Martinni's philosophy, and he talks about values, and hmmm... I think the magical thing really is to figure out the partner your is, or friends, figure out what's important to them and talk to them about what's important to them, and if you want to share something about yourself, then do it in a way that it's kind of interest them. Hmmm... So, really the secret to relationships is figure out other people with their values are, what's important to them and building that almost like present relationship because, when you talk... If I talk to you about, you know, gardening, and you really don't care about gardening. Like I am going to lose your attention, you are not going to be in your mind, you are going to be thinking "What is go going to stop? And it all these stuffs." But you know, we start talking about, I don't know... Hmmm... the law of attraction, as you've mentioned earlier, you know. Oh, you probably would light up; I would have all your attention, so I think that there is like huge importance there. Hmmm... other secrets chase... accepting the other person for who they are, loving them unconditionally, hmmm... we are one of at the Universe, black and white, so naughty and nice, and (Laughs) kiddy so, and whirl pool, so, I mean we all have positive and negative traits, and you know, being able to accept that in one another that's... that is a huge secret and I mean, there's so much more we can You know, respect, communication, oh my God, communication is huge! Learning how to communicate with someone else, and I think, you know, there's going to be hmmm... a sense of vulnerability as well. Who almost... through stumpled "Stumpled" on that word (Laughs) hmmm... but, yeah bit of vulnerability and surrendering and totally... totally just being yourself and not being afraid of judgment but... you know that's, you know you have to have the right partner to do that, you know got to click and take your time, get to know with one another, and follow your guts. You have to follow your guts, you know if something does not click, you have to say something, just telling me that this is not the right relationship like, talking about it, and then get out of it, if you need to. So many people stand relationships, you know for fear of judgment or fear of hurting in the other person but, you know it causes chaos more than anything else for both parties, like for both people...

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