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Obesity survivor tells her the story on how she did it


_________Madison__________ what kind of advice would you give them so that they can look at within and say, do I want to continue my life like this or do I wanna change? __________Sandra__________ First thing is when you're living in that way so didn't just connected from your soul's purpose you're living a live and so just to get really honest about what you're doing and what kept me, in-in it for years of that perpetual lie of Monday's gonna be different, oh Monday morning I'm going to- everything is gonna change, I'm gonna exercising and eat right it will all be fine and I will lose the weight so quickly, and you know what that poor Monday morning never had a chance right? Like, it would never be possible. So it's just knowing the truth about what you're doing and-and-and seeing that and being honest with yourself the next thing is accept and love yourself as you are today and so I had to love myself as an obese woman that there's nothing wrong with me because the truth is to lose that kind of weight take's some self-love and self-care and if I'm coming from a place of hatred, it's never gonna work and so I was like, okay so this is where I am today and I gotta love myself unconditionally and that unconditional love allowed to me to start moving my body and at that time all I can really do is walk for 15 minutes and then that walk turned into a job, it turned into an half an hour, it turned into 21 kilometers, like, it-it happens and doesn't happen overnight, see that why that it was gonna happen overnight made me think I could keep [?] because I was gonna fix it and I'm like, I'm not it wasn't a big deal I didn't so, the line stop the unconditional love and then you know, the teachers when you're open when you have a genuine desire to change the teachers come into your life and listening to them because I only knew, I can only take myself as far as I know and at that time I didn't take myself very far right? I wanted to end my life and I was only 29, so I couldn't listen to me, I need some help from people who are further along in the path and actually do what they told me to do, actually try what they would ask me to try, otherwise what was the point of even seeking help cause I-I would often seek help and then put up a barriers, no that won't work for me, that won't work for me, no thank you and no one could help me. So it was just that momentum of moving forward.

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