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Believe in yourself and ignore the negative vibes


_____Katy Suik_____ Well, the one thing I like to say to people is, you know perfect cup of coffee we drink. We need to have a good seven glasses of water, and I love coffee and I definitely don't drink enough water, that the case. (Laughs) hmmm... But it's the same thing with that thought, so if we are telling ourselves that "We aren't be or we're not is getting enough", or "Were not obviously, smart enough or there's nothing special about me." "I am just nobody". Hmmm... We have to counteract that voice with a lot more positive, actually you can and only reason that a person will believe they can is because talked themselves that, or maybe they worked hard as you know growing up that they were [[instantly begun??]]. Hmmm... So it's a long process, you know, for me... I think it's when you get to the point of being contrast of those thoughts, then you start to challenge some a little bit. If you're not even know where that they are there, then you're just by default going to always be negative, and you're always going to believe this little voice that says "Forget it" you know... [[torture??]] even. Hmmmm... But I think its relationship become aware where of it, and you really make it effort every day to stop and ask yourself the question, "Is what I'm saying to myself true?" hmmm... I know myself, if I am really having a really bad day and I am feeling very emotional, hmmm... I caught it for an hour and I almost have to say to myself "Ok, Katie it's a bad day; maybe you shouldn't be working on something that requires you know, a lot of concentration, or you just need to take a break and walk away and deal with these emotion, because that's all they are, its emotions.So, I think that's the biggest thing when I work with clients I try to teach them how to first of all be aware, and second of all, what can they do that works for them to eliminate those thoughts, and one example of a client who hmmm... I just couldn't believe it, she just... she didn't even know that she is constantly cutting herself down on every level when it was Physical, Mental, Emotional, she just... she was not kind to herself and I said to her "Why do we need to do to change that?" and she said "I don't know." And I said, "Well, what is to have a piggy bank?" You know, you could have one at work you could have one at home, and every time you hmmm... think of negative thought about yourself, you put some money on that. Like, whether it'll be a quarter or you know, and hmmm... she started that, and within three weeks, her piggy bank was full, and... that was pretty, hmmm... shocking for her, you know like she didn't realize she was so mean to herself. (Laughs)

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