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Learning to love yourself


__________Sandra__________ so you know every house is as strong as it's foundation and our foundation what- you know are our parents and the environment that they created for us and children need three things, they need to know that they're loved, that they're special and then that they're safe and unfortunately my parents that many parents out there were too very broking people and they couldn't give me those things but as a small child I internalize that into, I'm not good enough, I'm must be bad, this is why they kept me- we feel loved or special or safe it has to be me right? Because I'm just a little girl trying to bigger up my world and the truth is that's an adult now I can see, oh they were broken, it had nothing to do with me, I am worthy of this love, I am special, I am always safe, I can give that self with that to myself today and-and just kind of release them from that? It's like you know you're parents are on wheel chairs and-and you're so sad that they can't dance with you and you're so mad that they won't walk with but they're on wheel chairs, you know it's like how can you get upset of that.

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