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Incorporating spirituality into your daily lives


The easiest is obviously breathing. Any activity we are doing during the day we can become immediately more pleasant if we just to take three deep breaths. So what their basic does if your focusing and breathing really slowly and you only focus on your breaths. It automatically reduces your brain waves and your activity and you're drop down more into the alpha zone. It relaxes your whole body, you're detached from any emotions, and that's one way of completely relaxing no matter what you are doing. I personally have come to the conclusion that most of us sink, we have to on the one hand side, we have the spirituality which are going for walks so doing our meditations or going for yoga class, doing a workshop and on the other hand we have our business. However, I think it is important that we combine them both. So that they're not two separate entities. At some point we realize what kind of ideal self or who we want to be but we can incorporate ozes in what we are doing on a daily basis. And what I mean is that in business terms, if I am writing emails for example and the moment I send the email away, first of all I choose my language to be positive and uplifting so then person receives it, the language will make him feel good no matter what the content is. Secondly, when I send the email away, I am sending intentionally by focus, good sorts, uplifting feelings and blessings to that person. And the other thing is when you have working with other people in the office. The easiest way again is to just look at somebody and smile. It uplifts the other person but it also uplifts yourself. So for me, they are not different entities or different activities I try specially when we are really busy to incorporate those activities in my daily life. When you come home you can do the same. When you are preparing a meal, you can while you prepare the meal, appreciate the food and really feel the texture of the vegetables or the meat or the fish whatever you are cooking in your hands. Give blessings to the food or if you don't like blessings just say thanks to the food you are preparing at the moment. And then put energy and love into the preparation so that when you then come to the dinner table or the lunch table you enjoy the meal together. And that means I incorporate my spirituality in my daily live that does the need for me, I don't have to go out and do an extra meditation class or have to go to something. I still do that but it's not necessary as such and I don't feel at the end of the day or haven't done anything and feel bad about it like same sort of game like with exercise. So this is how I incorporate little things into my busy life so that I am and live my spirituality all the time.

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