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What you think affects your body


The mind body connection and how strong the link it, huge the link is super strong. I had have been fascinated by this theory for, for very long and its interesting two days ago I was reading an article from the university of Rochester and the gentlemen thats I was interviewed are was seeing that this mind body connection was discovered back in 1970s and I cant believe how far back that people were actually starting to research and be curious about this mind body connection. How can I simplify it? Well, what Im going to say is what you think affects your body its as simple as that and how strong it is, is that if youre thinking negatively or have unresolved emotional conflicts from the past then if they will create physical symptoms of illnesses or disease based on what you have in doubt with and I have a quite a bit of resources actually and this book particular its French but its amazing (inaudible) this book is my bible whenever Im not feeling good about (inaudible) have a pain in my knee and my hips or lower back pain whatever it is I go in to this book and I go take a peak as to what it means and it gives me an indication as to what I am not intellectually or mentality resulting so you know sometimes we, we, we say no to do something because we, we dont want caused conflict but our inside wants us to say yes while it could manifest itself in a physical symptom and then you read about and youre kind of get oh, wow and again like tons of research has been done, another book that give could actually take a peak is The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and Bruce wrote this fantastic book hes he basically studied the genes and DNA and has (inaudible) made the link between the mind and the body, what else do I want to say on that, you know just the fact that there is a mind body connection it really gets you to think twice about what you think and what you say because of that connection so you think negatively, you (inaudible) and compliant all the time so I will guess what, you are creating a disease within and youre probably thinking what! You know, am I really responsible for my diseases? I mean there are a lot of other factors that come in to play but that is definitely one of them so please do take care of whats going on up here, deal with any conflicts on the spot so that you dont drag this baggage so that ten years from now you have a really serious disease, anyways I, I could talk hours and hours about this but if this is something that is picking your interest I highly recommend you just Google it up, Google you know, mind body connection and see the ton, tons of resources that are out there that you could actually purchase, purchase some books that are going to give you some real handsets to what your physical symptom or physical ailment means and then take the time to digest it and kind of go wow I cant believe all these years Ive had (inaudible) or chronic fatigue because of this belief and then when you know what the belief is then at least you can deal with it, change it and can you imagine what can happen after theres a mind body connection if you can reconfigure your mind guess what, you can self-heal, powerful, powerful thing.

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