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Forget about the buzz words and focus on yourself


Emotional intelligence has been a bit of a buzz phrase for quite some time and some of us may have read books like this, The Emotional Intelligence book or the bible and emotional intelligence is about pretty much resilient and the question is, Is it important? Or Is it overrated? But Id like to take it back to its principles, is that many executives, many managers, many business owners can read books like this but dont make the link between their own emotional intelligence, their own EQ quotient or score and the way that they behave and the way that they manage people. I see too many examples of professionals going bad or behaving bad. How many of us had been at an airport? Airports tend to be a place where you see people that think that they have E.I. scores but when they get on to stressful situations, they default back to their normal behaviors. How many of us have observed professionals ranting and riving at kicking agents? Insecurity? They feel that they gain power by shouting, jumping up and down, abusing people who are trying to save them. That shows to me that they dont understand the link between the staff and whats up in here? Sometimes, being emotionally intelligent is being able to understand those feelings, understand the way that you behave and put that into some logical order. What Im recommending people do is rather than focus on the buzz words, they need to listen to whats going on inside the heads of this self talk because I strongly believe, if you want to be successful, you have to have positive self talk, you need to articulate a positive manner and ultimately, you will reap what you sow. I see so many grumpy , people that want to complain about everything and they wonder why their lives are so crappy and they wonder their jobs are so crappy and why they are not making money on their businesses. Who wants to do business with a grumpy person? So, what Id like everyone to get out of this short answer is forget about the buzz words and focus on you. People wanna do business with focused, happy, intelligent people that deliver results.

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