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The spiritual view on life, not focusing on the just the negative aspects


_________ J.J. Thiret _________ I had a guest on saying "I don't watch TV because they're not focusing on that. They're focusing on bad, bad, bad, because they think that's all we wanna hear." _________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ And I don't think we do. Just like you said people are getting tired of it. They don't wanna turn the TV on to hear all this bad news, because there's a sense of parallelism that comes from that when the truth is that each of us has an infinite kind of power from within or connected to all that is, and that is what's real. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ but you know at the same time, I think the guest said "um, here's and that and the victim, and the victim, and the victim but they didn't focus on all the donations and all the out point of love and compassion that people did. I mean, don't mention it. I mean, that' know 15 seconds sound by, but they didn't focus on that. Do you follow what I'm saying? _________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ I do follow what you're saying and I love to look at the fact that it's been like that old story from China where there was a farmer who he was growing crops and then the military came through and they said that they needed to take his oldest son to signing up for the army and the neighbors said "oh, that's bad news". He just always said "perhaps, perhaps to everything, so it's a long story, but basically at each sign of news he would just say "perhaps, maybe". Not really judging if it was good news or bad news. Um, so that is really the spiritual of real life that's recognizing that's not so much seeing things as black or white: good and bad. The sandy hook incident came as all being pure and evil. And, when you recognize the so much good came out of it and I'm not recommending that we should do the same in all cities or "that was so good, let's do it everywhere". That's not the point. The point is that in that one instance a community has been able to come together in a way that would have never happened otherwise.

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