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Emotional intelligence is sensing how what you were saying is being received


Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense how what you are saying is being received by the other person it' not just to do with the speech it's also writing it might be to do video communication like this one and it's a very, very important concept, I remember buying a book a few years ago and just reading it and every chapter I thought like saying yeah, that's right, yeah I'd definitely agree with that is it over rated? No. In my business I do new business development and that's about being able to sell successfully, the most successful business development sales people can empathized with the audience they use physical body language to put the other party as is and they facilitate the conversation just by enabling the people who they're trying to persuade to listen to what they're saying and use language and voice tone in a manner that makes people feel the they are very, very comfortable in their environment. So, the message comes through very strongly without a feeling, a needs, to like or dislike the person who is the messenger.

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