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Useful benefits of anger


I believe that anger is one of the most useful and wonderful emotions that we have lot of people dont seem to agree with me because their experience of anger is one that is very negative but I actually believe that it's one of the most powerful emotions that we have in our (inaudible) emotions. Now all our emotions are actually useful, they're all signals that tells us that there's a difference between what we expected and what we got in life or there's a difference so the more positive kind of emotions that we experience the joy, the happiness and you know those kind of light hearted when they feel light in our experience living in our bodies those emotions that just telling us that were getting what we want that were getting something that is close to our expectations of what we fought to again and get so it's almost like they're accelerating in our kind of life to keep going forward the emotions that are uncomfortable so thats would be the one, one of them is the anger the fear the frustration the anxiety those emotions we actually experience in our physiology our body is being very uncomfortable and the reason they're uncomfortable because they guess, stop and look at what is happening in our life they get us to question what is our (inaudible) to the world and what is (inaudible) what do we expecting and what do we actually getting and then it gets us a choice point do we do something about it so the uncomfortable emotions are the ones that they're like the oil (inaudible) in your call the (inaudible) that comes on it says you need to do something you need to stop and fill up with petrol or oil and then you can carry on your journey. Anger is one of those emotions that I find a very useful because it tells me very specifically where my boundaries are, where I've I feel like I've been violated in some way by someone else or find experience or something that will say for me it's not the actual emotion that is bad it's more with the ethics that comes in to an emotional intelligence and anger is specifically comes in the expression of that emotion so the emotion is there's nothing wrong with feeling angry and experiencing anger in relation in to some experience it's how you express and what you do with that anger that is where the question comes so if you're trying to explain to people that, that having this experience of anger is useful because that gets you to stop and actually critical or has a boundary being cross there is this something I need to say do I need to standout for myself in this moment or whatever it is going on and also the quality of anger they're kind of energy that is behind anger gives us the energy to do something to stop and to say something so the skill comes in it and how we say it if we can own our own emotions that Im feeling really angry right now and this is why because I have a boundary that has been crossed there's a very different expression to just screaming and shouting and go and off the clock when it comes to expressing all that energy that were experiencing so anger is a very useful emotion and nothing that want to get the worst comments from the world we make it very too beautiful to people to experience anger and to have the anger and yes it's a very natural paths of us we will also have some kind of emotional response to things and anger taught us when there's something has been violated if we are able to be conscious around our anger in other words own it and be aware of it and ask ourselves what am I angry about were less likely to going the unconscious expression of it which is what we experience that can even you know reach the levels of violence I it that it's just screaming and shouting and thats why a lot of people experiences very uncomfortable is being in (inaudible) someone who is what I called unconsciously angry and that they're just expressing and they expressing that energy the most unproductive and use it in a way thats decremented to, to the relationship when you can be conscious of your anger and ask yourself what is it telling me and own it and then come from a place when you said Im feeling angry and this is why and this is what I would like to ask of you, youre more likely to still have an emotion in your expression of it and that you'll be able to portray that this is really important to you but it wont be experience by the other person as something that breaks down the relationship that they're actually get fearful of your expression youre more likely to be able to lay your anger with love so with a consideration with respect so you have respectful anger you're going to have loving anger in what you express so anger is good, thumbs up for anger.

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