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Getting a coach is an investment in yourself, start now


.Who we are, yes that's a good question, isn't it? When is the good time to seek support. Well, I'm telling you why, we are pretty much alone in this world wide world. We have friends, we have family, we have people we know that could be counselors or helper and they have an agenda. The agenda is the own in the make version with they know. And the smaller is always the best. May not always be the best for us. So I speak to everyone who used to have either a personal life coach or some kind of counseling or some kind of healer because belief system will [inaudible]did not stress and [inaudible] because of the lack of help. Everybody needs it and you see if you inquire, I mean you get to shop around and see what is best for you thing. Usually if you look for a year it's because we have created that within in terms of healing, or in terms of pain or aches, or because of some emotional background or emotional hold up that we had accumulated. So the key is to go to the source. And the source can be discover not only for psychology because coaching can do that very well. Psychology goes more into wider way of the way of the way which is also okay too. Truth depends when you ain't lying. But I think the difference between a certain form of psychology is that the coaching will takes you where you are and help you to where you want to go. And that's not taking too much time into your past and dig in deep. Now, you may want that. And that's all fine and I encourage you to do that. And in any case, [inaudible], if you hire somebody a counselor or a coach, you will have somebody who will here for your best, for your success, for your well being because that's why you're paying them for. That's what you're paying them for. To have them, [inaudible] and to become more of who you want to be. So, I think everybody needs that at any time in their lives. Maybe you need it for [inaudible] times or maybe you need it for sporadic time where were in you have somebody you can talk to. Either way of totally mentally and totally what's the best for you. So make sure you get a coach in your life or a counselor or anything that you need. See or hear after you found out why you have what you have and I'm sure you will feel much better as soon as you start the process. I am a personal life coach and being as coached as well I have helped many many people since 2000 and while I've been doing the business coaching and life coaching and before that I was an ex-trainer, I mean a student trainer, a facilitator. We're trained to [inaudible] emotional intelligence and much more. And before that, I was a counselor. So I've been to a scope of understanding of how a human being can really grow and can become a better person and feeling good. So I can only recommend you, of course believing in this profession as I have touched so many people lives and see how it help others. You can even go on my website and look for testimonials and see the difference. So if it makes a difference, start today, don't wait. Don't wait, just do it. It's an investment on yourself. It's not spending money. It's investing money in yourself to become to feel better, to be happier, to feel good. So there you go, I hope that helps you to clarify when is the time for you to get a counselor or coach or any type of support system that you want to get for yourself in order to be happier, feel fulfilled, and striving as a person.

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