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Appreciate your partner and speak positive things about them


I think the secret to a healthy, happy relationship is appreciation, appreciating your partner with a small things and the big things having compassion for them and to really getting on the same page with one another and what I mean by that is be willing to meet each others need as you meet your partners needs they are more willing to meet your own, another thing I would encourage you to do is to try and see things from your partners perspective and disagreement and to really do your best to resist the need to be right and your egos need to be right and I read a great quote recently which was (inaudible) drop the E and let it go so really recognizing your egos need to feel right and really trying to hear and connect to what your partner is saying not assuming what you think theyre saying recognizing your triggers and your personal triggers that you have in a certain arguments and disagreements, another thing I would recommend is not to mid-digs and pokes on it your partner in public I find something that a lot of couples do and you really poisons the will of trust and the relationship and really raises the toxicity in the relationship very quickly and it becomes about this small little power struggles about you know again the egos needs to be right or, or whos with you than the other and I, I find just, just this really, really poisons the well like I said and its really adds the negativity in the relationship and I would encourage you to always speak very highly and positively with your partner as they are reflection of you, what you think and believe, feel about yourself and their reflection of you and theyre your loved ones so at the end of the day you want a relationship thats happy and healthy hopefully and to do so getting on the same page, offering love, appreciation, compassion, youre speaking highly of your partner, respecting them and trying to really hear and connect with their feelings or things that I, I need to practice daily with my partner been together nine years and, and I think that those things have served just very well and Id like to share and passed on to you guys so, appreciation is a key.

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