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The best time is when you are ready to make a change


Often very fortunate in that I have had many friends who have tried to achieve and they've never sort to support of the counselor or coach or psychologist or any other healer for that matter. And at the same I have a number of friends who have used all of them. It is very hard and difficult decisions sometimes to know when it's the right time or the wrong time to actually engage the services and support of a counselor, a coach, or a psychologist. And I suppose the first thing that I would say is the individual has to be ready that they want to make a change. That they really are ready to look inside their heads and say I need to do something. Something is not working for me and I'm not sort to reach out to my own. However that can be a very big ask of many people and it was one of the motivators when I step down to read my book together. And because when I put my coaching challenges together, my idea behind this was to say Look, make a start. Have a look at some of the issues that can be happening in your life. And you know, try to reach out for yourself. That's okay. No one will be biased. I will always say there is always in a fish of engaging of a coach because I am one. And you know, I have seen the benefit percent. But it takes individual a little while to get to that point. With this say, yes, I'm ready to try this, I'm ready to make that commitment. I'm ready to make that investment in myself. Because you know, they have to put money aside, time aside, and they have to be ready to make changes. So until they have got into the desire that' really core inside of them. Yes, I'm ready to make the changes. And frankly the way some time. But once they've made that commitment, then all of them, the support, regardless whether it's counseling, coaching, psychologist, healer, you have to find the support that is right for you. Some people absolutely most goes down to counseling. Take relieves to some sort of something in their background or in their past that's really really impacting on their life. Others are more than happy to put it aside and just move forward. And focus more on a day to day [inaudible]. So finding the right solution, there's no wrong or right answer. There is the best first solution for you given where you are, right now, and given that you recognize that I don't feel able to do this on my own. And I would say to anybody to anybody considering engaging to any support of any of these services is to make sure to find the one that is right for you. Don't be afraid to put them through their faces. Find out what their approaches, what their like, how long does it take it. Be critical, be careful. And make sure that they're going to look after you and put you first. Because you actually deserve it.

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