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Allowing those healing energy flow through you is a wonderful experience


As a hypnotherapist and life coach I can tell you that I have experience many alternative healing methods and when I start dealing with energy I realize that almost everything we do if we do it right will involved some energy exchange and everything that is, is energy so energy healing is simply applying that energy in the healing way and if you haven't been to a reiki session you will know the difference it's just feels wonderful to allow all this energy to flow to you I've taken some reiki courses just for my own learning to do with energy and it just gave me a wonderful, wonderful opportunity to see and feel and sense it and it's like do you notice how it feel at first I wasn't as sensitive as I wanted to be but then I start realizing those sessions, those healing that energy does flow through you allow it to be and the more you allow the less resistance you offer the better it is and I believe it if you go and do those different methods just as polarity reiki conscious touch they're all wonderful ways and you can if you even the least sensitive person you can immediately feel the heat and then simply coming and flowing through the practitioners way hands and it is essential that you notice that is the case it is amazing what it does and even I as a hypnotherapist now I used energy healing and help him people visualized as a slow with energy I say a lot of energy to flow through them and in some cases I allow myself to flow and heal people with my hands and allow reiki to flow through me and a lot more is flowing through there I can tell you that I can sense it and (inaudible) do so I feel (inaudible) feel the energy flowing through me it is a wonderful experience and it is a best to receive it so please go do those things it is amazing what it can do and the healing stories that I hear and the healing that I've seen my office is I help people and feel that energy flowing through them are remarkable and the emotional mental, spiritual and physical levels so it enjoy it.

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