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Your thoughts and feelings affect how your cells replicate


Okay, let's see what are my views on the mind-body connection. Well, researches, especially from the 1980's started to show that there is some to called psycho neuro immunology become [worth that one], it must for me to say I have to slow down and think about it, which connects the mind with immune system. And there's somebody else's research that least could show that there was a mind body link. Nowadays, I think I'm going to kind of caps the point to this. What do you think and feel is basically a reflection in part of the content of something called your unconscious mind. And your unconscious mind is the store house for where your beliefs and values and your values by your behaviors can trigger from. And when your thoughts and feelings are store as well. The unconscious mind in addition to being the psychological part of you, it is also directs the physical part of you such as your healing. And the unconscious mind, a lot of which is the activity of the unconscious seem to occur in the brain stand but also they current of the areas as well to wrap your body. What happens is that the unconscious mind directs the fact that million of cells die and regrow again every minute in your body. And that those over time those cells regrow in your organ, in your bone, in your muscle. The unconscious mind is affected by the thoughts and feelings that you have. And those thoughts and feelings therefor also affect the cellular process in your body. Signed the most clearest example of this, when you're stress, those thoughts and feelings create a free radical response or hormonal response in your body and those free radicals damage the DNA or the replication of the DNA when your cells kind of get close to dying off and need to regrown again. And so if everytime you get major stressed then your DNA gets damaged, then gradually overtime, your cells copy almost like a photocopy they replicate. And its time they replicate, the DNA becomes more more damaged. So you get poor photocopies each time. It's like taking a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy. The more stressed you are, the more [inaudible] your cell DNA get copied and your cell function begins to deteriorate because its operating from a faulty instruction cell. The instruction of the damage by stress. So effectively, the link is that your thoughts and feelings affect how your cells replicate and how the cells operate and when the cells don't operate efficiently because they got poor instruction set, then you know, they may be damage, they may shut down, or something called necrosis or they may develop what's called ICS or inflammation typed conditions. Another example of that as well is that there are unknown cancerous word. Information is right from where cells grow and multiply. So in addition to cells multiplying and causing cancerous [inaudible] die. So I appreciate on talking about cancer here which I say very very important disease in our society at this time. My point is that we influence a health with every single thought, every single feeling and our awareness of our body. By being aware of who we are, by being in the present then we slow down. WE connect with the body. And we love the body to kind of put a lower amount of stress hormones, and therefore our DNA can be copied more effectively, more clearly, more concisely. And cells, don't ages quickly because the instruction set, the photocopy is crisp and clear. And so aging, yes happens but it just means that when we live a less stress life, aging slows down. And we look young for our age instead of well wound. So there's a body and mind connection. It's very complicated which is why science is yet to really put the pieces together. I encourage you to look at your own life to see what ways you could perhaps in constant connection by tuning in to your body and do things that nurture your body and your mind that can help you to feel more relaxed and more engaged with life. Thank you for watching.

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