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Emotional intelligence is responding in a more pleasant and positive way


Emotional intelligence has been underrated for many years. Corporations used to completely exercise the hard skills, the things to actual job without considering how everyone is connected to everyone else and if youre not working as a team, then youre decreasing productivity efficiency and you are not really doing the job that you could do. Today we are looking at innovation and creativity in collaboration especially globally. If we dont look at emotional intelligence and really think about who am I and whats going on with the people that Im working with, it really decreases the collaborative effort. In fact, there was an article in Bloomberg Business Week in January of this year and they talked about companies increasingly hiring employees who fit in with the existing corporate culture even if they are less qualified and the reason for that was, I quote, A cooperative creative atmosphere can make work days more tolerable and head off problems before they begin. You see, we have three personalities: who we think we are, who others think we are and who really are. So we need to understand what triggers our emotions and our responses and how can I respond in a different way. Sometimes, I have clients who say, I am not getting along very well with my team mates or my customer. A lot of conflict and I dont know whats going on. So you really dealt into their needs , their values. Whats going on with them? What is their skills? What is it that they like and dont like? What triggers their emotions? And a lot of times when a person reacts negatively to another person, it has nothing to do with that person. It was something that happened way back when with someone else thats a negative experience and this person just happened to remind to remind him of that. So, emotional intelligence is about, how do I respond in a more pleasant, more positive way when Im dealing with other people especially if it happens to be a challenging situation. The more adept you become adept, the more emotionally mature you are, the better the collaborative effort and the better the results that youre achieving personally as well as as a team.

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