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Senses that may trigger memories that can sometimes cause ptsd


__________JJ Thiret__________ what sounds the same, looks the same, smells the same, lot of times feels the same. So I know, for example, my mother loved lavender. My mother passed. So if I go by and I smell some lavender and I see some lavender soap, I think well my mother would really like this and then I start feeling sad because it triggered a memory. A memory of where we were. Yeah isn't that kind what PTSD is? __________Dr. Cheryl Arutt__________ It's that but taken a step further in a different direction. We have ...It's that but taken a step further in a different direction. We have ...Our brains are association machines. Our brain makes association between things. So made an association between lavender and your mom and if you have a positive memory of your mom and connecting memories, you might feel you're longing for her. Actually smell is the most powerful ... olfactory are the most powerful ways to tap right in to old memories. So that's understandable. That's really powerful one. Our (?) nasal has an orienting response for danger. Like in ancient times, the people ate red berries and they got really sick or somebody died. We ate any wild berries and if you ever have a bad like a food poisoning experience, you can never go near that fruit again. And this is protective but what happen to your PTSD is that goes overboard and over generalizes. It cause like you would live longer if you mistook a stick for a snake then the other way around.

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