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What the mind thinks easily affects the body


In my view the mind and the body are connected 100 per cent so whatever the mind believes and think about can be reflected in the body you are also in the body experience or the bodys interaction with other bodies so it can happen in lots of different forms and basically everything that the mind perceive is either their eyes perceive or that the body perceives its all are a reflection of the mind and that includes your body and so (inaudible) did lots and lots of research in to different body parts, different pains in the body and different diseases and our symptoms having different meanings and those are those meanings originate in the mind so I would even go one step further and say that actually there is no body (inaudible) the body is just to enables to see whats going on in the mind so then we can work on healing the mind and, and the body will just change (inaudible) so thoughts affect the body really, really quickly and so do you say, hear and start thinking something positive like I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you its going to affect the mind very, very quickly and with something like I love you it can be a positive thought and feeling in the body but also it can be a negative feeling because you might have a resistance to this thought and this resistance might come in your body in like tension or an, and that goes on longer that tension could turn to something else and, and as it course in medical test that sickness is the defence against the truth so anything that were experiencing in our bodies thats not kind of an full health, its, its our mind trying us that we want to believe in our bodies, we want to believe that were weak and that we can be affected so actually we can be really, really grateful for our bodies and because whatever happens to our bodies there is emotions are its physical symptoms and its something that we can see and that we can perceive for where we at now showing us whats going on with our mind and theres so many thoughts going on our mind its really may be impossible to be aware of everything all at once and so we learn really slowly bit by bit as we get different symptoms (inaudible) bodies and, and also not just our physical bodies but also how our body interact with other bodies so relationship and emotions so I would say that the mind and body connection would be a hundred per cent and even though sometimes that can be hard to accept when I choose to believe that and everything kind of gets revealed to me slowly and so we can learn how to kind of let go of our symptoms in our bodies and negative thoughts and basically ourselves talked about our bodies against the world and who we are and, and heal our minds thank you.

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