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Go and forgive about themselves


I think that one of the things people can do to feel better about themselves is to go to forgive about themselves and to think about something or someone else it perhaps is anyone in need or is in a more difficult situation that you are somebody who is always someone who has a worst situation than you. I can remember once I was severely burned and I was in hospital I was in a tremendous amount of pain I have put on antibiotics I have cage on my leg so that the blankets couldnt (inaudible) to the blankets my foot which was really, really burned and then I thought I was in so much pain I just wanted to die and in one day I heard a lady in the next bed she was in the same ward, in the same room and then (inaudible) she was a young woman she was about 23 or 24 and I've seen her family come to visit her she had 3 young children it quiet same age that came to visit her regularly and I've hear her crying and I've said to the nurse what's the matter what's happened for her she just being talked that her condition is nothing more can be done for her that she is a matter of months 3-4 months to live and this young woman had a young family and was very young and so for me that time I never have forgotten it and that there's always someone who has a worst situation than you.

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