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Examining oneself before judging others


______________________Leona Wallace__________________ You know, I think a good awareness to have is when you... when you catch yourself say, you are standing at line getting a coffee, and you see this person in funny, and you like "Really, look at what they are wearing." Just stop yourself for a second "Oh, I just had a judgment about that person" and if you could stop yourself and think I have a judgment about that person, and then turn your back to yourself, you are really having the judgment about yourself. Like you could slow it down, it is just awareness, look just too little exercise. Yeah every time yet, like Oh, you know, you are having your reaction like major reaction like that. It's the same thing, like "Oh, that person was so rude!" there is something about yourself "That was so rude." Or did they judge yourself being rude? Or why is that person always in a hurry? Oh, why are you was in a hurry? Leona, how can we get slow down? What's going on, a good place to start. ________________________Madison___________________ So really taking it and do a 360, oh, not a 360, a 180, right? _______________________Leona Wallace________________ You know... You know my... is to say that this is perfect, I remember from when I was a little kid, she's say, "Leona, every time you please somebody, look at me more fingers are point back to yourself." ________________________Madison__________________ Oh, that's clever. _______________________Leona Wallace_____________________ Isn't that clever? ______________________Madison_______________________ Yeah! _____________________Leona Wallace___________________ So, only one pointing at you could but there are all these ones are pointing at me.

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