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The body will believe what the mind tells it to believe


It is the extreme [inaudible] connection between the mind and the body in my opinion. What is this connection exactly? All we want to think we are? Or with just our thoughts, are we more than our thoughts? Are we just body all are we mind, are we who do we think we are and are we what we think we are? Interesting creation we've pondering on yet today and at the end of the day, the fact remains is that the body believes what the mind will tell you to believe. Therefore it is vitally important that the words that we used in our self thought and also in our concession about the people are consistent with what we want to tell our body. So for an example if I keep on repeating on mantra on my head that I am incapable and that I am not worthy and that I am not worth match. My body will respond to that and I typical response could be disease or illness even. On the contrary if I tell my mind that in my mind if I tell myself that I am good, that I am worthy, that I am capable, that Yes, I can do that!, my body will respond to that as well. What is happening there is that our limbic system which is the [orcave mind] or some people co-referred to it as reptilian mind. That response to the messages that we tell ourselves in our mind. It is automatic response. We cannot control our feelings. Our feelings are as a result of our thoughts. Use this in example, imagine that I am telling you not to be angry with me. Are you? No, it's not happening. Imagine I'm asking you be embarrassed there, right there, where you sitting down. Are you? No, it's not happening. Because the message in your head is not consistent with what is happening in your body. Therefore it is vitally important that we focus on what we say in our mind and then our body, our emotions will respond to that. Our endocrine system will respond and it will produce the feel good drives the hormones that our body responds to when feeling a particular response.

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