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The importance of having an intelligent appreciation of our emotional life


Well I'd say any kind of intelligence, if it allows us to live a full life - a beneficial life - is important. So as emotional beings, certainly it's important to have an intelligent appreciation of what our emotional life is like - how it arises, what does it imply about our beliefs about the world, our beliefs about our place in the world. It would be very good to have clarity about this so in that sense, intelligence would equal clarity. Emotions are the movement of our energetic body if you will that is our response to the world - inwardly and outwardly. Inner world, outer world. And it's an emotional response implies how we value ourself in relationship to what we're responding to and how we value what we're responding to. So it's absolutely important, it seems to me, to have a great clarity - greater and greater clarity - to regard our life as an outward learning curve of constantly developing wisdom, compassion and clarity about what moves us emotionally and why. So that cannot be overrated. If you talk about emotional IQ, to me that can be it could be dangerous, because again if you solidify some idea that you should have a certain amount of emotional IQ, any kind of shooting or any kind of measuring up or comparing yourself to others or some outside standard that actually is not conducive to generating clarity. It generates, you know, comparing yourself to others, or thinking you have to perform and live up to some performance standard that just generates your resentment and insecurity. So if that's what's meant by emotional IQ being important to determine, I would say it's not important to determine your emotional IQ. What's more important is moment by moment; day by day; with a kind, respectful effort; cultivate your own wisdom and compassion and clarity about your own emotional life and the way in which you respond emotionally to the world outwardly and inwardly.

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