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What makes somebody truly happy is the willingness to be happy


So,isnt this the most difficult of all questions? What makes people truly happy? Well, unless.. thats the whole point is maybe what makes somebody truly happy is the willingness to be happy, the willingness to put aside that the ideas that somehow the universe is against me. The universe is simply a reflection of me in its state of being . So, if I go out into the world and I am about to make the world a happy place then immediately it will start to reflect back to my self. So, what makes me truly happy? Well, to be with somebody that I can speak, that I can appreciate , that I feel appreciates me, that I am willing to engage with, in a way that is ordinary, is natural, is human. So, of the things I think makes people truly happy is when they can truly accept the changing state of their {inaudible}.. So, sometimes youve seen it but doesnt make you unhappy. It doesnt make you, as if you have lost your happiness. It is possible to watch the news and see something that is disturbing and be disturbed and still retain the happiness because they are predicted to the reality, to the source of it all. They are able to understand that life and death are not {inaudible}.. Theres a hugely interesting philosophy if you like. The philosophy of the {inaudible} which really says that to go about your life, youre in a battle with death. Death is going to win. Death is going to get you. It isnt about whether you survived. It is how well youve {inaudible} the battle, how well you engaged in life knowing that one at some point or another, they will pat you on the shoulder and will say, Your time is up . And the most important thing is, have you lived to your time? Have you done everything that where the universe guide you, every opportunity? Have you taken the gratitude? Have you taken as much as you can with it or have you held back and look for safety and security and put down the interest of the universe, your own interactions? So, life is a source of happiness and the interest in life, in engaging and living it to the fullest, in giving your contributions to that experience, to giving to your friends and family and your lover the true love as much as you can, topping in to the wholeness of who you are knowing that what the battle will be. Ultimately, you will not ever be unhappy.

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