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Acceptance is key to a healthy relationship


A healthy relationship that is based on acceptance. So accepting the other person for who they are, from moment to moment. So releasing expectations as much as possible. So in relationships we all have expectations. We might expect the person to kiss us or cuddle us. We might expect them to provide security for us or whatever there could be a list of expectations. But if we attached this expectation on to someone who we are having a relationship with, they're bound to fail at some stage. So you'll have a really really good relationship if you allow the person to just be exactly as they are from moment to moment. And if how their being is affecting you emotionally and from time to time which being human are probably will rather than blaming the person and giving out to them you shouldn't be done this on the half (giggle). And look inside yourself for the reaction that your having and ask the question to yourself so why am I feeling like this or why do I need them to be different. Why do I need them to behave in a different way. So rather direct your questions toward to yourself rather than blaming the other person. I would say that is, I don't know if it's the secret, but it's definitely something that a lot of people don't do. So just acceptance really, acceptance from moment to moment. But if you love someone yet everything high looks them and I completely accept them and we do accept the people we love but we need to practice it more from moment to moment. The little moment where we are tempted to be angry or tempted to blame the other person. Those emotions are very very strong so the temptation is really pulled in so you really have to watch yourself very very closely and direct your questions toward yourself again rather blaming the other person. And even when you're feeling and if you have any anger inside or any feeling of blame just repeat to yourself I love you, I love you, I love you....And if you need time for yourself, take the time to yourself to do that. But a really healthy relationship will be based on acceptance. And it doesn't need even to confront two sides, you can take responsibility right now and the other person doesn't need to do any. So if you are fully accepting the person, you are actually teaching yourself so you'll be teaching your partner that it's okay, everything is okay and you don't need them to be fully accepting the moment. So let's say if they're not being accepting, and they're blaming you for something, you can take the opportunity to accept them being that way. It's a really how tall how you choose to perceive your relationship and how you choose to behave in your relationship. Acceptance and love is done to really and show you healthy having a relationship.

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