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When someone come in to your life there must be a reason


Often when I'm coaching someone, it will be talk of a someone who has custom pain. It will be a talk about someone does to wish more tender lives. And what I bring to their attention is [inaudible] what's the reason their in your life? Because in my belief is, that everyone come's into your life for a reason. To pass the truths sometimes. My belief also is that everybody comes into your life, for either you to learn from them or they to learn from you. This is very hard to sometimes do I suppose accept. However, when you accept that point, you will stop judging people. You will go a move from judging somebody to have another perspective, an open perspective and perceiving them as you are in that moment in time. Everybody to comes into your life is their to influence us in a way deserves us or in a way that you learn from them. This serves us anyway. We might not like what they're doing as we say in our letter P, perception, preserve, project. Perception is projection of who you are yourself which means sometimes we find in somebody else something that we don't like. The reason you see is because they pretend back to us something we have a work done inside ourselves to pretend back to us something that we realized they've achieved and we haven't got a [inaudible] courage to do. So we thank them for that message. We thank them to show us what not to do or sometimes to show us what to do. And on the other hand we admire people and [inaudible] said the reason why we admire them is to mirror back to us what we already possess inside ourselves so we have to take it [inaudible]. So to conclude, my belief, definitely is every single person that can be a friend, a lover, a partner, that comes into your life to come in for a reason. Sometimes you're the teacher and sometimes they are the teacher. When you live it as belief accept it. You will moved away from judging and move into unconditionally loving and accept the people that are in your life because they are all there for a reason. Thank you.

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