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What happens when we are being creative and intuitive


_______Madison_______: It's still pretty new to me to be able to understand that. Our, our intuitiveness, and our creativity are coming from a similar area and, and then they're not really based upon, um, our, our logic, our systematic side of our brain. _______Andrew_______: Oh. Think of it this way, I mean, when, when you access the creativity aspect of yours, of, of, of, of, of yourself, you're not necessarily accessing your so called local mind, per say. _______Madison_______: Okay. _______Andrew_______: Okay, so when you have this moments of inspiration, and one of the key things that you think when you look at a candle and sometimes you lose your thought. You know, first, we talked about it and you realized that 5 minutes have gone by and, you missed what happened to you when I was there but my mind went some rush, but actually what happened is your conscious went, went somewhere else. And you, when you access that intuitive part, there's someone to meditation. The meditation is not falling asleep, its allowing your thoughts, to go by a clouds but not paying attention to it. _______Madison_______: Hmm... _______Andrew_______: One of the key things people say, well, how do you know when you're in a creative state? This is a, a, I can relate, it's a meditation, it's just that, when you first start, starting up meditating, it's as if you're beside a highway. You see there all those noise, you see all these images and so forth and cry, I can't meditate. So like 30 seconds of med, I'm done. But as you progress, eventually you find yourself, you're on top of the hill, looking down at the highway that's still there, you don't wanna hear it, you don't wanna see it. It's just passing by like clouds. Somewhere to the fact that you're, you're personal creativity and intuitiveness, it's not when you're focusing on, that it takes place. It's when you allow that space as if, as if, as if you're stepping into a brand new apartment, that's totally empty. What happens you go, oh, this could be really cool, like you're a visitor, put some cold curtains there and the, the paint here. You can see that before it's even there, and all of a sudden that energy inside you start soothing. You start feeling, you know, very elated. You could see the potential that's there and yet, from an external perspective, there's nothing there. Is there? _______Madison_______: Right. Right. _______Andrew_______: And, and, and initially also, that creativity, comes from remembrance of things that you may have experienced but also brings in the other aspects you haven't experienced yet, I mean this, look and say, the potential is here for this. I'm sure yourself when you write something. _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: You don't said out to say, which you're going to write. You said it in an intention saying, what I need to write, but you don't know what the other part's going to be.

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