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A different method towards health and consciousness


_________Jason Sugar___________ there's one woman who comes to mind, where, it, it's kind of related issue, but it's also, kind of, around a kind of general well-being. Um, which, which health is, which weight is a part of your general well-being, um, and she was, she was actually a coach, or she is a coach, none of us, we all, no matter how self-aware we are, and, and how conscious we are in life we are, or whatever. We have our blinders, right? We have our limits. We have our beliefs that we don't even see, so, um, she did the First Breath Program, and she also had a fear of water, and that's what she wanted to wanted to take that on. She wanted to, because she actually did have, unlike the other woman, uh, she, does have the desire to scuba dive, um, but she is turning fifty, and, uh, this year, and so it's kind of like a "bucket list" thing. She would love it; love to break through this fear of water, um, so that she can experience scuba diving, in Bali or Mexico. And, so, I was, I did, I worked with her through, when she took too First Breath, and, um, and we went through the process, and she had the breakthrough, and she was, again, swimming under the water, um, with scuba gear on and having a real blast. And during the process, like I say, very quickly, you start to dive down to, what's the, what's the fear of water about? It's, again, you very quickly come up against limiting beliefs that affect all areas, so, the, uh, her, the, yeah, issue of her weight, and her back is, back problems and stuff like that. Um, she'd been seeing a chiropractor for a long time, and she'd been, she'd been working on this problem for a while, um, but really not feeling, a feeling, just, just frustrated, and, um, not good about herself and how it was going. And, um, after going through First Breath and having such, experiencing such freedom, now it's maybe, I think maybe there is a little bit of a connection here. The thing about being under the water is you're weightless. So your physical, your experience physically of yourself is totally different, even with this tank on, tank on your back, right, which weighs whatever it weighs. Um, could, be thirty pounds, right? You could say, "Oh my God." Under water, you don't feel it. You are weightless, and you're free, your freedom of movement, more freedom of movement. You're not constrained by gravity or aches and pains aren't there. I mean, it's a real sense of freedom at, at a physical level, a-and, a mental level, an emotional level, but, um, it's really grounded physically. So, that totally shifted her experience in this other area of life that she was already doing work on, but not really feeling great about it, um, and totally shifted that experience for her, and she's carried on, and she's starting to see real improvement around, um, her health and well-being, and, you know, I, well, we both know that that's due, in part, to experience at First Breath, it gave her more freedom and more self-confidence and also, I think, connected her to the possibility of health, and well enough to feel good in her body. Right? So, it's possible, and so, yeah. But I think it's, um, self-confidence, and, um, doing that for, doing that for yourself, doing something beautiful for yourself, like where you'd have some success, so that you have this challenge, and then, you experience some success, so you did it for yourself, just because. I think that goes a long way also to, kind of, refueling the, our, our engines, you know, to take on stuff, to take on other stuff in life. So.

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